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The Tides That Bind - Trailer

Clint Buffington runs the website Message in a Bottle Hunter, where he shares true stories of the 100+ messages in bottles he has found. Clint is also the subject of the 2019 documentary, The Tides That Bind, which follows his efforts to find messages in bottles and meet the people who sent them.


Clint invites readers to submit their message in a bottle mysteries, and helps those who have found messages in bottles connect with their authors. Additionally, Clint researches the history of bottled messages, debunking myths and bringing to light forgotten stories of seafaring letters.

Clint’s research, writing, and message in a bottle discoveries have been featured by a variety of news outlets, including UPI, CNN, VOX, CBS, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and more.

Visit Message in a Bottle Hunter for message in a bottle facts, history, currently unsolved messages, and more.

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